Frequently asked questions


The class activities sounds technical, can my 5 years old take this?

Why 5-8 years old needs to learn engineering?

My children are already so tired from schoolworks, will there be homework?

No, there will be no homeworks for all of our classes. All activities are hands on in class. However, if they wish to catch up with their friends, they might schedule a 30-minutes early class with our instructor before the regular class starts.

Can my children sign up if they are older than 8 years old?

For the current workshop, classes are catered for students aged 5-8 years old.

Please let us know if you are interested in such programs (by dropping us a feedback to our email We might just surprise everyone with a STEM series for older students in Term 3 [July -September 2019!

How can I tell that my children gains the skills promised after the class?

Beside presenting their performance in end of term rapport, you may observe the change in their thought process, problem solving skills, and social skills. However, some of the change might not be an immediate one, all of these skills are slowly developed and engrained through experiences and we believe when taught early, they will be an outstanding junior engineers compared to their peers!



How many kids will there be in a class?

Our instructor - student ratio per class is kept at 10:1 so that we can have great attention for each child as well as to ensure the safety of all students in class.

Will there be a make up class ?

Is there homework involved?


What are the cancellation charges?

You may cancel your class 7 days prior to the start of the term to receive a full refund.